Monday, April 27, 2009

French Quarter Festival 2009

We're back from New Orleans and will be sharing some pix and vids of the proceedings for the next little while. So let's start with the beginning; our home away from home, the Villa Convento, where we managed to get a room after much whining and begging

At Fritzel's on Bourbon St., we ran across Toronto's Happy Pals blowing up a storm for the masses. Do you suppose they wipe down the tables after a cornet player stomps across your dining area?

And here's a short clip of how they sounded as they passed the Tip Jar;

After that it's time to totally totalize the total tips.

Then the real musicians' magic happens as the filthy lucre is transformed miraculously into liquor, or donated to worthy charities, whichever seems most appropriate at the time.

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