Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oil Defence? ... ??

Here's an article that posits a disturbing idea about the connection between our wars and why we fight them:

It seems to be saying that our military has been created and is being used as the corporate security department for a bunch of businesses that operate offshore! IE, our taxes are paying for a large part of what can only be considered the normal cost of doing business if you choose to leave Canada for your operations. Whyzat?!! Last I heard, we certainly don't get to share in the profits for these businesses!

And if you consider recent history, it doesn't seem that the wizards running these companies know very much about how to deal with the citizens of the countries in which they choose to operate. When they don't get their way, they just call in our army to thump the locals into submission, and taxpayers end up footing the bill (including veteran's care costs).

If this business model was applied within Canada, it could only be called armed robbery. ( I know, I know, these sorts of things are handled via expropriation within Canada).

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