Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fort Lauderdale, January 2011

We took a few days to go south to Fort Lauderdale, and hooked up with some old friends Kathy & Kimber from our Hong Kong days. They had us out for a great BBQ dinner at their estate, where a pretty party pelican prompted one to the poolside patio table. After a few hours, this is how we left their table, after exchanging all the news and gossip, and a few (?, I lost count) toasts, etc.

Next day, we used the water taxi to see the whole city. The picture below is either the Fort Lauderdale version of a tow truck, or the incompetent sailor's way of going for a sojourn on his yacht in the canal system downtown.

We met one of Florida's iconic citizens, but didn't stay for his dinner.

... and this little bird showed up again to remind us about the 17th Delbert McClinton cruise, but we already had our cabin booked.

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