Sunday, October 2, 2011

Speaking of crimes, how about murder?

The Awlaki death needs discussing.

Here's what Chris Floyd has to say about things, as a starting point:

I find this event very troubling because the defenders of the American killing of these men have manipulated the legal and moral discussion in so perverse a manner that it is now impossible to describe a situation in which anybody could not be subjected to a similar death sentence from America.

Basically, if the Americans think they are worried about you, you are dead. No trial, no notice, no charges, no evidence, no nothing! I cannot imagine the mafia allowing this sort of 'killing on a whim' to exist within their organizations. Why do we, the so-called free western democratic countries, allow this to happen?

As Floyd says at the end of his article:

" ... this is not just moral blindness: it is active, open, undeniable complicity with evil. "

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