Monday, October 27, 2014

Harper's gift to Canada: Homegrown Terrorists

It has been noticed that Canada's military involvement with the world has changed from a peacekeeping to a warmaking state.  This has consequences for Canadians that were predictable  but strangely absent from the statements by all those who wished to get out there and kill people.

This article offers a view of this policy change from abroad:

Is it really wise to allow the guy who got us hated by jihadists to attempt to solve the problem?  At what point do we demand competence from our government wrt protecting Canadians?  Even fools know that stuffing your face into a hornets' nest will result in stings.  Doing it repeatedly will only result in more stings.  It won't scare off the hornets, they are protecting their way of life in the only way they know.

Even worse, after all the bombs and bullets have been expended, Canada will gain nothing from the violence it will have inflicted.  If its lucky, Canadians' security might be back to the pre-9/11 level, but we will never regain the freedoms that the Harper government is planning to take from us as it rolls out the next steps to a police state.

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