Wednesday, April 29, 2015

More horror stories about so-called free trade deals ...

Check out this description of recent events:

The real purpose of these agreements is to gut the powers of nations to control their own resources and laws.  Corporations are to be allowed to do anything they want, anywhere, as long as their potential profits are not affected.  Countries are not allowed to do anything that could potentially lower these profits.

Only corporations are to be allowed to reap profits.  Nations will not be allowed to do anything profitable; any such activities must be turned over to corporations.  Examples include the privatization of highways, water supplies, airports, education and health care and the concept of mineral rights that allows corporations to develop mines and 'frack' under land that they do not even own.  The hapless land owner (local government, for instance) is always left to clean up the mess after the extraction process is finished and the corporate shareholders have pocketed their profits.

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