Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Who's a hero?

Here is an interesting argument regarding the ritual fawning over military folks that you see at the start of every NFL, NASCAR, NHL, NBA and most other public gatherings in North America:

The statistic that astounded me was the death rates for fishermen and for loggers when compared to military types.  It seems we should be saying a prayer every time we walk on a hardwood floor or inhale a fish stick, if we do indeed wish to show respect for those who have died to allow us to maintain our way of life.

It just shows that the way you die determines your value to our society.  Splash your brains and guts across the interior of your car while on your way to the cottage, and nobody cares.  Do it while interfering in the affairs of a foreign country, and you are automatically a hero. 

It is a strange calculus that our culture has adopted.

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