Friday, June 12, 2015

Welcome to Northern New York state ...

... police state, that is.

Watch this little video:

The 'officials' involved were US immigration agents, who are allowed to stop anyone they like within 100 miles of the border.  Can anyone discern what the suspicious 'crime' was that caused this stop?  Did it have anything to do with immigration?  Why did the 'officials' refuse to tell the detainee the reason for the stop?  Why was waiting beside her car such an affront to the 'official' that he had to taser the detainee?

From what I heard, the nervous behaviour of the detainee was the reason she was pulled over.  Who in their right mind would not be nervous when pulled over, given the way these 'officials' behaved toward their victim?

I'm sure that the citizens of East Germany, North Korea and hundreds of other despotic police states  fully understand the nervousness of citizens when faced with anyone in uniform.  I guess we North Americans will just have to learn how to deal with the rampaging mobs of  'officials' who are out there to protect us.

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