Friday, September 11, 2009

Since it's 9/11 ...

and everything changed on that day, here's a good summation of the progress achieved since then.

We probably should insist that our government(s) provide some evidence to support their actions over the last ten years. There is an election coming, n'est-ce pas? Might be a good time to ask some questions.

Here's a starter: Exactly why are Canadian troops in NATO and thus in Afghanistan? For the money and lives that have been spent, what do we get out of it? Why is that more important than unemployment insurance, arctic sovereignty, fisheries research, pension guarantees, good public transport and clean fresh water in all our houses? If we must fight NATO's adventures in Nowhereistan (far from the North Atlantic), why aren't our allies coughing up the cannon fodder and equipment at the same rate that we are?

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