Thursday, September 10, 2009

Something I had not considered ...

Lifted without explicit permission from

"Is God an atheist?

Does God believe in a higher power? Of course not, he's God.

Think about God, using his Heavenly computer to, say, investigate the origin of the universe.
He can find evidence of the Big Bang because that exists, but he certainly won't find any evidence of
God being involved, so wouldn't He, by definition, be an atheist? Certainly God's too smart to lie to Himself.

If God doesn't believe in a higher power, why should you?

When God is facing a big problem, do you think he prays?
Of course not, he's God. Who in the hell is he going to pray to?

All God could do is what you and I should do:
Look at the available facts and study the evidence and come to a logical conclusion.

Seriously, do you really need angels and prayers to make good decisions?
Be like God, and forget that higher-power crappola.


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